Robinhood or Webull For Stock Trading?
Robinhood or Webull For Stock Trading?

Robinhood or Webull For Stock Trading?

Trading Simulator Review Webull v. Robinhood.

Financial trading disrupters Robinhood and Webull both offer commission-free trading to investors looking to open up an account. However, in terms of providing a paper trading account to test your trading this battle never even started. Webull is the only one that offers a demo account to trade without risking money at the time of writing this article.

About Webull Trading Platform

Webull offers an easy to download platform for Mac, Windows, Mobile and the browser chrome. I was able to download and in a couple of clicks be able to view stocks, options, bonds, ETFs, and Cryptocurrencies.

In terms of a low barrier to testing out a platform this was about as easy as it gets. After downloading the Mac version of Webull software for my laptop I was us and able to start customizing a watch list of stocks to paper trade.

Webull Online Trading Chart
Webull watch list displaying a Tesla trading chart

The charting capabilities were pretty standard but intuitive to use. At the top of the chart are the various time intervals that you can use from minute charts, hourly, daily, weekly, etc.. The ability to select between bar charts, candlesticks, line or area charts, etc. was really easy to switch between. You even have the ability to add a second ticker symbol to compare on the chart.

The ability to add or draw on the chart again was very robust and easy to use by simply clicking on the draw icon in the upper right-hand corner. It is the icon of a pencil. The trading charts also have all the standard technical indicators and studies that the majority of traders use in making their trading decisions.

Webull Options Trading Platform

Webull Options Trading

Webull is displaying options prices on stocks and upon writing this article in May of 2020 their website has a teaser holder inviting you to RSVP for Options trading when it is available.

Other Webull Trading Platform Features

The trading platform has I mentioned in the beginning of this article has some other nice features. See the global markets at a glance. The screening capability of the Webull platform easily allows you to screen criteria to identify the best investments defined by you. The cryptocurrency dashboard allows you to see the values of all the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium.


I really like the look and feel of the Webull platform. It was very easy to use and ran smoothly. The mobile trading app was just as easy to install and navigate through.