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Wall Street Survivor Trading Simulator & Education Review

If you are looking for a bunch of information about learning how to trade stocks and also are ready to be hit with free offer after free offer then this is the site for you. The upside is the gamification of the site with investing leagues etc. can really fuel your competitive nature. Since Wall Street Survivor is not a brokerage you also do not need to open up a trading account and provide sensitive information. Here is the downside about all paper trading accounts, trading demos, and trading simulators. They do not replicate the actual fear and greed that comes when you have your real hard-earned money on the line.

The actual process of signing up for Wall Street Survivor is as simple as filling out a form and password. Since it is browser-based there is no need to install trading software. I think this site is really great for someone that is wanting to learn the basics of trading stocks and is willing to sift through the offers to find the free trading course content. What I really do not like about the site was there is nowhere to create a watchlist that you can monitor a basket of stocks that you are interested in. When you do pull up a quote for a stock like Tesla the page does offer you some good information from a basic chart to fundamental news and even social sentiment among other traders.

Wall Street Survivor Trading Simulator Snapshot